November 26, 2013

A different type of brandy by Rave Review Spirits

I always get asked if I cook and I always answer the same "I let the experts do the cooking." I was meeting Trinity Laurino for a lunch at La Gloutonnerie on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach and I really did not know exactly what the meeting was going to be about. I was curious about the product that I was told you could cook with, a line of brandy from Rave Review.

I arrived La Gloutonnerie early (I always arrive early everywhere), and I was seated immediately at a table. This is one of my favorite French restaurants in Miami, I have been here before and I thought it was an amazing dining experience. A few minutes later, Trinity walks into the door. She explained Rave Review Spirits but the best part was that a demonstration was coming our way so that I could taste what she was explaining. I learn by seeing and tasting.

rave review spirits

They brought all of the gadgets to do a demo on how Rave Review brandy excels among another brandy when used for cooking. They heated two different brandies and I got exactly why Rave Review brandy is made of better quality ingredients. The other brandy lost completely its flavor notes of orange and other spices. Rave Review brandy on the other hand preserved them. This brandy is made for cooking as it retains its wonderful notes that add another layer of flavor to the food. This brandy is all natural, heat stable, has no alcohol bite, and is low in sugar.


Chef Christian Testa prepared an out-of-this-world menu using the brandy. First came the glorious lobster risotto. This dish was creamy, perfectly prepared and seasoned. Then came the scallops which were tender, juicy, and had a beautiful aroma, one you could not resist.

I do not know much of the world of cooking with brandy or any type of spirits but it is great to see people doing great things. Why don't you enforce a better line of quality ingredients for cooking? This is what I liked the most about the experience, it is just better and I was able to experience first hand.  I like when people care for what they put out there because that makes the culinary world a better place for everyone.



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