August 22, 2014

5 foods that could get you killed in Miami

If I told you food in Miami could get a little dangerous, you’d probably laugh at me. But in all seriousness, there are a couple of eats scattered throughout the city that could possibly hurt you (or at least traumatize you for a while). Either way, everything on the list is worth the risk and will at least leave you with a fun story to tell friends. Whether it be because of its stench, its taste, where you can find it, or the atmosphere, you will want to think twice before trying these, but we highly recommend them.


Chicharrones at Palacio de los Jugos

This dish is dangerous in more ways than one. First of all, it is so good that you will find yourself craving it and going through extreme lengths to get it. Some describe these pieces of pork belly to be as addictive as drugs, making you wake up in the middle of the night in deep sweats longing for the next time you’ll get to eat them. Secondly, it’s fried pork belly. Enough said.

Lamb Vindaloo at Bombay Dardar

Indian cuisine can be considered some of the most complex to prepare, especially when it comes to curries. The countries affinity for heavily seasoned dishes and spicy concoctions make it one of the most interesting cuisines around, and Bombay Dardar offers an authentic selection of items meant to warm to palate. The spiciness level is up to you, but if you give the kitchen free-reign on how hot the food will be, your stomach will hate you for the next week. Only few actually get the “Super-Hot,” as it is extremely hard to handle.

Durian at PK Oriental Mart

You know a food is something you should stay away from when it’s considered illegal in some countries. Durian is a southeast Asian fruit with a unique exterior and pungent smell. The appearance itself is intimidating, as it is made up of a peel completely encasing the fruit in spikes, but what actually gives this fruit its notorious reputation is the penetrating and distinctive odor it emits. Similar to a combination of turpentine, rotting sewage, and month-old onions, this fruit will have your guts twisting and turning in agony. Paradoxically, some people actually enjoy the taste of this fruit, but it’s definitely an acquired taste.

Stone Crab at Joe’s Stone Crab

Walk into one of Miami’s most reputable and notable institutions and indulge in the best Stone Crab the ocean has to offer. The century old restaurant has been lucky enough to serve Presidents, athletes, and actors. Similarly, it has also gotten to serve some of the most dangerous criminals to ever set foot in Miami Beach. This area of town was not always as luxurious as it is now, especially during the drug cartel. Joe’s Stone Crab was a favorite of criminals such as Al Capone, meaning that the plate of Stone Crab in front of you could have easily been your last meal.

Cafecito at Versailles

This drink is considered rocket fuel to most locals, and drinking it at Versailles has become a rite of passage for true Miamians. At Versailles, you will find some of Miami’s most influential and prominent leaders talking about politics and Fidel Castro. Depending on what side of the argument you’re on, it may get a little dangerous, so I’d watch who I was talking to if I were you.

By Santiago Cardona


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