July 17, 2020

5 Best Empanadas in Miami To Die For by Miami Culinary Tours

It’s hard to go far in Miami without coming across a menu featuring empanadas but to find the best empanadas in Miami, you need to do a lot of eating. These stuffed pastries can be baked or fried, and are filled with various meats, cheese, and even vegetables. It’s a staple in many cultures and makes for the perfect snack for those on the go or an appetizer ideal for starting a meal.

5 Best Empanadas in Miami To Die For by Miami Culinary Tours:

Graziano’s Caprese Empanada

An Argentinian steakhouse (and marketplace) with locations all over Miami — Graziano’s is home to over 20 different kinds of empanadas. While Argentinians are known for their cattle and delicious meats, many of the empanadas at Graziano’s are vegetarian. One of the best empanadas is the caprese that’s stuffed with fresh housemade mozzarella and tomatoes inside a wonderful flaky baked crust.

Madruga Bakery’s Chicken Empanada

A bakery known for milling its own flour is bound to know its way around pastries of all kinds. In Miami, if you’ve got pastries, you’re likely to also have an empanada or two on the menu. At Madruga Bakery, guests will find joy in the chicken empanada. The chicken is seasoned to perfection, folded into a gorgeous dough, and baked fresh daily.

El Pub Restaurant’s Picadillo Empanada

One of the oldest restaurants in Little Havana, El Pub, serves authentic Cuban food in the heart of Little Havana. Those looking for a quick treat while strolling along Calle Ocho can pop into the ventanita to order an empanada and a cortadito. Or get your fill of the picadillo empanada while on Miami Culinary Tours’ Little Havana tour — it’s the first stop on the tour.

Halfmoon Empanadas’ Cheesy Gaucho Empanada

Halfmoon Empanadas was founded in 2008 and is now served in locations all over Miami, including Miami International Airport. The menu features a dozen different empanadas filled to the brim with ingredients like spicy beef, spinach, and ham & cheese. Each empanada is conveniently labeled, as to not cause confusion. One empanada not to be missed is the Cheesy Gaucho made with ground beef, three kinds of cheese, black beans, corn, diced bacon, and chimichurri.

Cafe La Trova

An instant favorite located on Calle Ocho, Cafe La Trova, captures the true essence of Cuba’s distinct culture. Award-winning chef Michelle Bernstein is the master behind the menu at this classic Cuban spot with a selection of empanadas. Options include hand-cut steak filled with caramelized onions, Spanish olives, and jerez and the roast calabaza with brown butter and melted cheese. But the best empanada on the menu is the sweet corn and chicken empanada with fermented garlic and charred scallions. Protip: stop in for happy hour to enjoy them at a discounted price.

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