December 07, 2020

2 Korean Girls Brings Modern Korean Flavors to Miami

2 Korean Girls Delivery and take-out only pop-up launching Dec. 1

On tap to hit the Miami food scene Tuesday, December 1, 2020, 2 Korean Girls, a quick service pop-up restaurant equal parts contemporary flair and old school authenticity, will deliver delicious Korean specialties and classic Bibimbap inspired bowls. The fun-loving concept was founded by sisters Jennifer and Michele Kaminski who have passion for the traditional Korean cuisine they’ve known and loved since childhood. In collaboration with their mother, Chom “Sunny” Kaminski, a talented cook with a popular line of Korean sauces and seasonings sold at specialty grocers throughout the United States and James Beard Award-winning Chef Allen Susser, 2 Korean Girls’ mission is to provide fresh Korean cuisine in a delivery/take-out only fast casual model very much in sync with our modern needs. “We want to share with everyone just how delicious and fresh the Korean diet is,” says Jennifer, who has found most South Floridians’ knowledge of Korean cooking limited to Korean-style BBQ. “Our menu will honor our traditions and deliver the flavors that makes Korean food so tasty but also offer up some surprises for those looking for something beyond the classics,” adds Michele.

The heart of the concept is Bibimbap, a beloved Korean staple of rice with meat, vegetables and egg; balanced, craveable, nutritious and delicious, this one-bowl-wonder is perfect for on-the-go schedules, plant-based lifestyles and gluten and paleo diets. In keeping with their culture’s eschewing of processed goods, every dish from the 2 Korean Girls’ kitchen will utilize locally sourced and premium ingredients to bring customers fresh and delicious comfort food on-the-go. “Korean food has always been health conscious and minimally processed, long before it was on trend. It’s so traditional in ways, yet so modern at the same time,” the Kaminski sisters add.

Inspired by the family’s treasure trove of recipes, the vibrant and flavorful gluten-free menu, will feature Signature Bowls including the O.B. (Original Bibimbap) – Ribeye Bulgogi, Korean white rice, sesame spinach, marinated mung bean sprouts, sweet & sour radish, spicy potato, fried egg and Gochujang; Oh You Spicy Huh? – Spicy Korean Chicken, white rice, cucumber kimchi, Napa cabbage kimchi, spicy potato, fried egg and Gochujang; Fish Better Have My Money! – Korean Miso Cod, forbidden rice, sesame spinach, marinated mung bean sprouts, sautéed zucchini, shredded gim, gold flakes and Funky sauce; Phat Buddha – Adashah, cauliflower rice, sesame spinach, sweet & sour radish, marinated mung bean sprouts, spicy potato, shredded gim with choice of sauce; and the Impos-Seoul-ible – Impossible Bulgogi Meatballs, Korean white rice, sesame spinach, sweet & sour radish, marinated mung bean sprouts, spicy potato and Gochujang.

Customers will also have the option to build a Custom Bowl which will include choice of 1 base, 1 protein, 1 vegetable and 3 toppings with choice of sauce including Gochujang, Sesame Dressing, Funky Sauce or 2KG Sauce. 2 Korean Girls will also have a variety of Snacks + Banchan on offer including but not limited to, Kimchi Fried Rice, 2KG Ribs, Impos-Seoul-ible Meatballs, Napa Cabbage Kimchi and Spicy Potato Stir Fry. No Korean meal is complete without delicious Desserts including Korean Pear with Spicy Chocolate Sauce, Coffee Chia Pudding and Red Bean Chia Pudding; and select Tea pairings such as Jujube Tea and Barley Ginger Tea. 2 Korean Girls full menu – HERE. With a commitment to sustainability, 2 Korean Girls’ packaging is made from eco-friendly and/or compostable materials.

The secret sauce to 2 Korean Girls is the outstanding team making magic happen behind the scenes. With over 60 combined years of culinary success, the team brings fresh and innovative expertise to the brand. Founders Jennifer Kaminski, who has major success and experience in the marketing field, underscored by her trendsetting work in social media, and Michele Kaminski, a proficient hospitality professional with 10+ years in event sales and marketing, are the foundation of the 2 Korean Girls. Consultant Chom “Sunny” Kaminski, mother to the 2 Korean Girls who has operated a successful Korean restaurant for over 30 years, fuses her style and creativity into traditional Korean cuisine to contribute homemade recipes, including all sauce and seasonings, to the pop-up. Completing the quartet is James Beard Award-winning Chef Allen Susser, who will bring decades of successful operational and gastronomic know-how to the table. “I’ve known and worked with Chef Susser for years on a variety of projects. Michele and I saw a natural opportunity to bring him in to provide his expertise, familiarity with the local market and a unique approach,” says Jennifer Kaminski.

2 Korean Girls will be available beginning Tuesday, December 1 from 5PM to 10PM for delivery (Pinecrest to 54th Street) or for pickup at the Coconut Grove ghost kitchen. Orders can be placed online at

Hours of operation: Tuesday – Sunday from 5PM to 10PM. The 2 Korean Girls ghost kitchen is located at 2801a Florida Avenue in Coconut Grove. Telephone: (305) 204-2372;

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