Hungry for top-notch nourishment? Downtown Miami it is! A stunning compilation of culinary treats, grab this Weekly and get ready to eat your heart out. Stuffed with yelper-approved Downtown dining destinations, let’s bite right in, shall we?

Line up for some one-on-one time with the fine folks at Eternity Coffee. “The barista brewed my cup of coffee right in front of me,” bubbles Martin O, “with a single cup pour-over filter and a pot of piping hot water at 210 degrees. Wow, it was a very smooth, non-acidic, and great tasting.” To get her morning moving, Julia K turns to Bryan In The Kitchen. A wonderland of morning munchies, she dips into “the hazelnut chocolate meringue cupcake, some baked eggs with herbs,” and samples the “oatmeal with smashed bananas.” Another fabulous perk? “Bryan is a great host – and not bad to look at either!”

Sushi on boats is what Rebecca C “is talking about.” Go for a spin at Ozzi, where each bite is served in “small portions on color-coded plates. So quick to eat there, and great for lunchtime… just make sure you don’t leave without asking for the delicious dessert rolls: stuffed with Nutella and your choice of strawberry, banana, or coconut mango.” Govinda’s Garden serves Elizabeth R the “best quinoa salad ever. Big and colorful, with green and red peppers, cucumbers and carrots, whole cashews and almonds, and a grilled sweet red-pepper rose perched on top.”

“A small, nondescript pub slightly off the beaten path? Authentic fish and chips? Yes, please! Elwoods is a welcome addition to downtown, open for lunch,” and scores bonus points for their “strong happy hour specials.” Eve C, first round is on us. Liana S takes no prisoners on her first visit to Nemesis: She dives into “duck and guava pot stickers, pancakes and sausage, ostrich carpaccio, pasta goulash, and guava pork and cheddar spaetzle.” And “color me beyond pleasantly surprised,” squeaks Eschel H. At newcomer Little Lotus, she takes on “several yakitori dishes, a couple sashimi plates, and monster maki sushi. It’s all excellent, and the service is great too. Welcome to downtown!