We all know that Yardbird Southern Table & Bar’s chef is a celebrity among foodies in Miami. If you know good food, then you know him.  Jeff McInnis is delivering great cuisine, the type of cuisine that Miami lacks. I went on a night that you could barely fit on a table, the place was packed with what it appeared to be a bar section at the front, not sure if this is the case but there were so many people I was not able to see why people were all standing at the front of the restaurant so I assume there could be a bar for people to grab drinks while they wait for their table.

I on the other hand was lucky because I was meeting my dear friend who happens to be an editor for a top magazine in Miami, and because he gets treated like royalty everywhere he goes, I arrived at the restaurant and immediately was escorted to our table.

I can’t recall seeing such a creative menu in a long, long time. We decided to taste pretty much the entire menu paired by a chilled glass of their house Chardonnay.

Jeff McInnis

Chicken & Biscuits

Perhaps the most memorable dish for me was his chicken & biscuits. The chicken was tender and dry fried. the biscuit part melted in your mouth.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

1600 Lenox Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33139



By Miami Food Critic, Grace Della
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