Ron English Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Walls in Miami’s Art District is where graffiti and street art is celebrated and respected. The murals serve as proof that humble beginnings can be overcome. Every artist commissioned to display their work on the walls has a national or international following, and their ethnicities vary as much as their artistic styles and mediums.

As we go through these transformed warehouse buildings, we learn of the vision each artist had for their wall as well as their background and influence. The art on the walls is not necessarily local, but it nonetheless represents the cultural hubbub of urban life while making poignant social commentary. They honor this up-and-coming community that has made great strides in improving its severe impoverishment and recently subdued violence.

The Wynwood Walls are a cultural phenomenon. They are the saviors of a community that had once been forgotten. One where the streets double as sidewalks and there are neighborhood parades every Friday and Saturday at 10pm, a community where art thrives because self-expression is the main source of inspiration.