The Wynwood food tour equally focuses on art and food. Our tour informs locals and out-of-towners of the area’s magnificent art culture, particularly graffiti and street art. We take you through the area, discussing public art and sampling edible art while opening your mind to the ideas of accepted art. The art culture adds life to Wynwood, making it a unique tourist/local destination in Midtown Miami. We explore the differences between graffiti and street art: the two are widely considered the same but our tour guides know better than that. We go beyond the art, and delve into the lives of the artists, giving you a better understanding of the many works that you will see on the street walls. After all, understanding an artistic piece results in conscious appreciation.

No other tour combines Wynwood’s food and art into one experience. We take you through Wynwood’s most riveting culinary destinations, including the lesser-known restaurants hidden amidst the art, to familiarize you with the area. Wynwood’s artistic culture extends to the food as well: our line-up consists of creative culinary combinations such as the Tuna Japanese-Peruvian Causa. The food is presented beautifully and tastes heavenly; art that can be appreciated by sight and taste. And Miami Culinary Tours will take you to multiple eateries so you experience this bliss again and again.