In the heart of the up-and-coming neighborhood that is Wynwood you can find Wynwood Brewing Company, a brewery whose sole mission is to provide the neighborhood and city with a taste of Miami through their high quality brews. Wynwood is known as “El Barrio” due to its high concentration of Puerto Rican immigrants during its inception, and Wynwood Brewing caters to the neighborhood’s history by embracing Puerto Rican culture, art, music, and ingredients. The grand opening came with a huge pig roast and flowing taps, reminiscent of a Puerto Rican block party. While Wynwood Brewing plans on making beer to supply Florida and other Southern States as a whole, its attention is set towards Miami. That is why you should try their namesake IPA, a refreshing beer high in hops and grapefruit aromas. The flavor begins as being sweet, which then transitions into a moderate lingering bitterness that makes for easy drinking.

Where to try it: Wynwood Brewing Company. 565 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127. (305) 982-8732