Wine Vault is the only bar in Midtown Miami that is for people like me. I do not like bar/clubs, I like a straight ol’ bar where people go for a good glass of wine. At Wine Vault they know about wines and they have them perfectly chilled. I love sauvignon blanc and when it is from New Zealand I get even happier.

The place has the perfect lightening, which is something I think it is so important at a bar. It is a rather small place. They also serve food and trust me, after two many glasses of wine, you want someone cooking you up something.

So I went with Rob and Ksenia after having dinning at one of the restaurants around. Ksenia has this thing about glasses, she loves  prosecco but jas to be in the tallest champagne glass ever. She hates the glasses at Salumeria which is down the block (heard that Salumeria?). We sat down at the bar, Rob asked for his classic red wine and I did for a sauvignon blanc.

Flat Brad Pizza $12

I have to say, kind of expensive for what it was. Not too much thinking went into this dish but it is definitely a good bar item. The cheese was very good and the basil pesto on top was savory and salty. I think Ksenia had pretty much the entire order.

Wine Vault Miami

3201 N Miami Ave

Miami, FL 33127


By Miami Food Critic, Grace Della

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