When it comes to drinking, no group does it better than the Latinos. Tons of family running around (most of whom you’re not sure where in the family tree they belong), loud music, loud cooking, loud talking, and, best of all, amazing drinks. Refajo Colombiano is a popular drink found in, you guessed it, Colombia.

For those of you who do not understand Spanish, “refajo” is translated in English as “slip.” This cool, crisp, drink is made with a mixture of Colombian soda and beer. The simple recipe is refreshingly delicious. While popular at many restaurants, Refajo Colombiano is most popular at family gatherings in the back yard with friends and family around in the warmer areas of Colombia.

While Refajo Colombiano can be made with any type of soda, the most common brand of soda is Columbiana, which can be found in many Hispanic supermarkets. Columbiana is reminiscent of a cream cola with a hint of tea. The most common comparison to an American soda would be a light version of Big Red soda. Columbiana has more of a fizzy punch than common cream sodas, which is what mainly sets it apart from many cream sodas.

The recipe for Refajo Colombiano is so simple anyone can make it. The recipe is as follows:

  • 1 liter Columbiana soda
  • 2 liters of any beer of your choice
  • 4 cups of ice
  • Optional: 3 aguardiente shots

Aguardiente, also known as “Firewater,” is an alcoholic drink that is made of sugar cane and anise and is very strong.

In a beer pitcher, first add the beer followed by the soda and ice. Serve in a beer mug.

Refajo Colombiano is usually enjoyed with asados or grilled meats. So gather the family around, blast the music, and enjoy a nice refreshing pitcher of Refajo Colombiano.

By Contributor Blogger Adrianna Ramos