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Vicky’s House

Kush Hospitality Group (KHG) indulges Miami’s collective sweet tooth at Vicky’s House, a 12-seat milkshake bar and tasting room named after Matt “Kush” Kuscher’s mother. Vicky’s House is a complete recreation of his mother’s house circa 1986; since Vicky never threw anything away, he was able to duplicate it using the same cabinets, chandeliers, yellow flower wallpaper and custom-made floor inspired by the retro pattern of the linoleum. An original 1980s oven serves as storage for the bar’s glassware. An original Galaga arcade cabinet sits in the wood-paneled family room, while an adjacent washing machine stocks frosty cans of PBR. In the bathroom, guests will find Kush’s original bedroom dresser and the toys he played with as a child. Aside from over-the-top milkshakes, the shop also offers floats, locally-made ice cream from Sweet Melody, two versions of red and white wine — “cheap” and “better”— as well as cans of PBR and specialty beers. Vicky’s House is located at 3190 Commodore Plaza in Coconut Grove. Telephone: (305) 442-3377;