My husband likes this place for a quick breakfast – on the the hand I will take anything on a Sunday morning if he is willing to get out of bed.  My husband is not like me, he thinks dining out is not needed, I think dining out is a necessity – but he loves me so he makes the effort to go out to places with me, and while I appreciate the gesture, I most appreciate him keeping me down to reality – Can you image if we would both be restaurants junkies? Thank god is only me.

The breakfast by default is what I always order, pretty sure this is not the name on their menu, it is only $10 and you get a mimosa which by the way it’s quite nice, and it will give you a bit of a buzz – and when it is only 12:00 pm on a Sunday, and you come for a $10 breakfast, you can take it all in, no problem.

Well, I am not a fan of crappy food to be honest with you, but this is only $10 so I do not expect much. I wish the potatoes would be hot, why not? I always wonder why restaurants serve cold potatoes, are they keeping them under the lamp and the bulb went out? Maybe I am the only person in this town that likes to have potatoes hot in the morning, but I see a breakfast trend that I do not get. I always make sure that I do not ask for scramble eggs in places like this because I heard that they could be the one you buy at supermarkets that come in big containers, they are pre-made scramble eggs, ew.

I have to say, the bacon although always cold- it is quite tasty. Why cold? please heat it up! – but my husband doesn’t like it when I complaint at restaurants and because I know he prefers breakfast in bed I just shut up and don’t say anything.

Thanks Uva 69, I hope you make your mimosas a little stronger next time so that I can take the cold breakfast and keep it quiet while my husband chugs down on your rather poor executed cafe latte.


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