A helpful step-by-step guide on how to get to the first stop on the Wynwood Art District Food Tour from South Beach

WALK to the bus stop (Stop ID: WSHA##53) on Washington Ave and 5th Street. Please arrive by 10:45 AM.

BOARD the 120 Bus towards Beach Max – to Downtown Miami. The bus should get there at 11:00 AM. This ride should last about 23 mins, 5 stops.

GET OFF at 1st NE Ave @NE 4th St stop, (Stop ID: B#1V#4S3) and then

WALK across the street to bus stop (Stop ID: MDCCDNTT) which is also on 1st NE Ave @NE 4th. Make sure you are waiting at (Stop ID: MDCCDNTT) for the next bus.

BOARD the 2 Bus to 2 – 84 St. The bus should arrive at 11:40 AM. This ride should last about 13 mins, 17 stops.

GET OFF on NW 2 [email protected] 25 St (Stop ID: D2AV#251), then

WALK a block north to Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.



Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

2550 NW 2nd Ave.


Travel total time: 58 minutes.