how to get to little havana from south beach

A helpful step-by-step guide on how to get to the Little Havana Food Tour meeting point from South Beach.

WALK to the bus stop (Stop ID: WSHA##53) on Washington Ave and 5th Street. Please arrive by 10:45 AM.

BOARD the 120 Bus towards Beach Max – to Downtown Miami. The bus should get there at 11:00 AM. This ride should last about 27 mins, 6 stops.

GET OFF at CBD Terminal at South West 1st Avenue Op Federal B (Stop ID: CBD.TERT) and then

WALK (quickly!) a block north on North West 1st Avenue and make a left on North West 1st Street to bus stop (Stop ID: MTROGVC8)

BOARD Bus 207 Bus towards 207 – Little Havana Circulator SW 7 St / 1 St. The bus should get there at 11:35 AM. This ride should last about 17 mins, 13 stops.

GET OFF on South West 7th Street at South West 16th Ave (Stop ID: C7ST#167), then

WALK west on South West 7th Street towards South West 16th Avenue. Make a left onto South West 16th Avenue. Turn right onto South West 8th Street.

Agustin Gainza Arts Gallery will be on the left.


Agustin Gainza Arts Gallery

1652 S.W. 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135

Travel total time: 59 minutes.