Please note that our Top 10 South Florida Craft Beer Locations was written by the team at Miami Culinary Tours based on our own experiences. We are NOT endorsed by any of the restaurants we list, we do NOT accept any type of compensation to add restaurants to our guides. The recommendations we make are own opinions and recommendations.

The alcoholic scene is as much a part of the culinary landscape as food. Today, you even have mixologists and professionals specifically dedicated to setting one beverage program from the next. Whether it be a sommelier or beverage manager, these people have the arduous task of not only making sure that the drinks are up to par, but that they pair with the food in a way that elevates a dining experience. This has been heralded but the ever-growing craft beer community. Passionate individuals begin as home brewers and eventually evolve to create local breweries that not only serve craft beer, but also capture the essence of their area through the use of local ingredients. The craft beer community is in fact a community, with companies willing to help each other out. Do not be surprised to see collaborations between the breweries as well. The Florida craft beer scene has evolved tremendously within the past few years with breweries like Cigar City and Seventh Sun, but here, we will focus on the breweries and companies based in Southern Florida.

Below, you will find a list of Craft Beer Locations in South Florida.

Funky Buddha Brewery

Concrete Beach Brewery

Miami Brewing Company

Wynwood Brewing Company

J. Wakefield Brewing

Titanic Brewing Company

Gravity Brewlab

MIA Brewing Co

The Abbey Brewing Company

Daddy Brews