miami food bloggerWe are now able to to blog LIVE when we visit a new restaurant and we want to tell you how the food taste, the ambiance, the price, the people who run it, the hostess, if we like our waiter – and even if the waiter wants to say hello, he can look straight into our Teeny-Tiny camera and you’ll see get it live!

For when we are attending a Foodie Miami event, we will be able to tell you when we are at the door, if it looks good or should you just stay home. This live blogging thingy will truly change our perception of posting because now even when we are waiting on the line at a local deli, ordering a cafesito, paying for a Latin Burger on a radom US 1 truck or ordering food at 3:00am, we can show you how the place look, take pics of the menu, make a video of the kitchen, of the servers, of the – you name it – and you’ll be able to get updates from twitter, youtube, flickr, and RSS and of course at the Urban Food Critic Vlog (video blog).

(we’re happy!)