garbanzos from Tapas and Tintos restaurant in Espanola Way, Miami

Garbanzos con chorizos (Fried chick peas with Spanish ham)

When food is not good I get aggressive (no worries, I don’t lash out to people), I keep it like Barack Obama; cool, calm and collected – but I had all of my hopes with this little tapa dish at the Tapas & Tintos Restaurant in Española way, Miami-Beach –  and it was certainly a disappointment.
First it says “fried chick peas” so I would have imagined those “fried” type of garganzos, but no, I got these mushy garbanzos that tasted as if they were boiled for hours. Hated them! plus no favor whatsoever.
Now let’s talk Spanish ham, well these bits and bites of Spanish ham were what saved the dish from disaster and a total waist of my money.

Tapas & Tintos Restaurant & Bar

448 Española way Miami-Beach FL-33139

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