El Tambo Grill Peruvian Restaurant

I’ve been Peruvian-restaurant hopping since I can remember. I’m always on the look out for traditional or innovative twists for this particular cuisine. I can always look to El Tambo Grill when I want something familiar and I know that will not fail me. This restaurant is located in a small plaza in Kendall, and since I’ve been going there (probably ‘06) business has boomed and they’ve expanded their location.

Living with my Peruvian abuela

I grew up with my mother, but it was my grandmother that cooked in the house. Living with my Peruvian abuela, she dominated the kitchen, daring anyone to enter her domain. But there was no contender that challenged her, as everyone in the household appreciated her cooking skills. As I mentioned, my family is very Peruvian, rarely adapting to any new culinary renovations, e