Sweetness Bakeshop and Cafe is a family-owned dessert-centric bakery that opened on 2010, filling Miami’s need for a place to get confections and sweets reminiscent of those that you would get throughout your childhood. Although they began as a bakery focusing mostly on their cupcakes and various iterations of them, they have evolved throughout the years in order to include numerous desserts such as macarons, brownies, and even carnival-inspired sweets. When visiting, get the Guava Cupcake (available everyday) or the Maple Bacon Cupcake (available Sundays). These bite-sized mini cupcakes offer a unique representation of the type of new-age desserts Miami has begun to offer within the past few years.

Where to try them: Sweetness Bakeshop and Cafe. 9549 SW 72nd St Miami, FL
. (305) 271-7791