Suviche Restaurant Wynwood is the coolest dining establishment in Miami’s Art District. A large mural of a woman with greyscale skin, colorful clothes, and bright orange bed sheets extends the length of the building’s front wall. With a breezy and serene, swing set and couch patio and a lively hubbub inside the dining room, Wynwood Food Tour stops at this Peruvian and Japanese fusion restaurant for ceviche. The sushi, Suviche’s co-specialty, will have to wait for the next visit.

This bowl of white sea bass ceviche is served cold in an opaque white tiger’s milk. This liquid is formed during the cooking process, which consists of marinating the raw cubed fish in lemon and grapefruit juices. Instead of using heat, the fish is cooked by the acidity of the citrus. This results in a sour, yet sweet flavor that is enhanced by the chopped red onion. For a crunchy and salty bite, the ceviche is mixed with Peruvian corn called canchita. It is like popcorn, except it does not pop. Suviche always has extra bowls of canchita for appetizers and snacking.

Adding a warm component to the dish, a steamed sweet potato slice decorates the plate. Combined in each spoonful, the fish, onion, tiger’s milk, canchita, and sweet potato is a delectable harmony of contrasting flavors and textures.