I am not very find of restaurants that combined Japanese and Thai cuisine, in fact, when I moved from San Francisco to Miami I remember being shocked by seeing this combination-type of Asian cuisine restaurants – I felt it was not paying the needed respect both cuisines deserve separately… but that is Miami for you when it comes to Asian food. Sushi Siam was the first restaurant I stop at when craving the pad thai but oh to my surprise, in Miami you cannot get a decent pad thai for less than $20, that’s a shame because I remember in San Francisco getting amazing pad thai for under 10 bucks.

pad thai at sushi siam

Pad Thai

This looks amazing, a well balanced dish with all that you expect from a pad thai; the peanuts, the graciously cut calamari, the shallots at a perfect size, the schrimp sticking out, right? Well, no, sorry to burst your bubble but this pad thai leaves a lot to be desired. Now, again, I am picky when it comes to pad thai, I have had pad thai at least once a week for 12 years in SF so it is hard to beat those hole-in-the-wall authentic places. For some reason I have not had one good pad thai in the entire city. Can someone help me find a pad thai that is worth my time and money? thank you.

Sushi Siam

647 Lincoln Rd

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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