Sometimes I have an insane craving for eal handrolls and so I made a quick stop at Sushi Sake and ordered their California Eel Handroll. This restaurant is quite small, only a few tables, cozy and inviting but to find a good eal handroll is rare (at least to me). I sat down all by myself with my Ipad so that I make sure the waiter won;t start talking to me (I usually do this when I go out for a bite by myself because I do not like people talking to me, just like when I go the hairdresser I close my eyes and pretend I am falling asleep because I literally hate talking about nothing).

eal handroll

California Eel Handroll

The roll is well balanced between amount of rice, eal and veggies. The eal felt fresh and had that sweet taste that you should expect from it.

Sushi Sake

13551 Biscayne Blvd.

North Miami Beach, Fl 33181



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