The Magic City is home to the most fabulous restaurants around, however, with a selection as large as the one we boast, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and just stick with a place you know and dine there. BUT if you’re a foodie, like me, you find joy in learning, exploring and sampling what the culinary world has to offer —which means venturing out from your comfort zone.

Where do you start?

When you’re ready for a food-infused adventure, you call upon the knowledgeable and genial Grace Della, founder of Miami Culinary Tours. Recently, Grace added the South Beach Food Tour to her alluringly appetizing tours (she also conducts the Little Havana Food Tour). This amazing walking-tour allows Miamians and tourists the opportunity to get more acquainted with Miami’s fine fare and really understand the appeal and diverseness of our beautiful city.

“Our tour is a reflection of South Beach’s melting pot. I would like people to learn about other cultures through the food,” said Grace Della.

While you’re sampling a variety of delectable bites from the 6-8 stops, at renowned five-star hotels and quaint little restaurants, Grace compellingly educates you on Miami’s history, culture and the food you taste (there are about 10-15 tastings).

Plated beautifully, these savory bites look as good as they taste. From ceviche to sweet treats, it’s gourmet all the way. In addition to the fantastic food aspect of it, the South Beach Food Tour is a wonderful way to learn more about South Beach’s Art Deco District. You’ve passed these buildings time and again, but do you really know what characterizes Art Deco? You’ll find out interesting facts, sight-see, and tantalize your taste buds.

For just $59 per person, come see the places you may have overlooked and experience Miami in a fresh and tasty new way. Tours take placeFridays, Saturdays and Sundaysat 6:00 pm. Check out