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PRICE: $59 per person (includes tax, all of the food enough for lunch or dinner)
Daily at 12:00 pm  BOOK NOW
Daily at 6:00 pm  BOOK NOW

*Daily private tours available, request here

FOOD STOPS: 7-8  food stops with tastings at each location.
 Near Ocean Drive, exact location disclosed with ticket purchase.
Up to 3 hours
One mile of leisurely strolling with plenty of seated restaurant breaks and stops covering the unique history and fun local facts.
all ages and fitness level. Children are welcome!
wear comfortable shoes and clothing


Experience a Fun and Engaging Architectural, Historical & Culinary Walking Tour of Miami Beach All With a Pronounced Cultural AspectFrom five-star gourmet to hole-in-the-wall delicious, if you really want to taste the best cuisine of Miami’s melting-pot with its predominate Latin, European, and comfort American cuisine influences, then join us as we’ll uncover the top hotspots for Ceviche, authentic Empanadas, home made Cuban dishes, Refajo drink and so much more. This tour is about tasting the “melting pot of cultures that make up the area.”

We’ll be sitting down and take the time to relax at half of the restaurants – and savor different bites standing and on the go. At the South Beach Food Tour, we will show you the hidden treasures inside the beating heart of Miami Beach.


  • Learn about the dramatic, inspiring history and unique architecture of the Art Deco district.
  • Try the best cuisine Miami Beach has to offer – and get to be a local by the end of the tour.
  • Meet people from all over the world that bond in the common interest for great culinary findings…

(*We fully cater for vegetarians but we are not able to accommodate gluten free and vegan on all the stops)

  • ARTISANAL COLOMBIAN CUISINE: Savor a golden corn crust filled with bold flavors in a unique handmade empanada. Feast on tender slow-cooked meat bursting with tradition and perched above a crunchy plantain. A cooling Colombian beer cocktail enhances the experience at a local gem labelled ‘Best Colombian Restaurant in Miami Beach’ by the Sun Post.
    Bolivar Restaurant

  • AN ELEVATED FLORIBBEAN TASTE: Indulge in a delicate passion fruit seafood Tiradito with aji amarillo, garlic chips and lemon oil geniously crafted by world-known chef Carlos Torres, winner of Miami Iron Fork 2012, while surrounded by a dazzling decor depicting a scene from the famed movie The Birdcage.
    660 At The Angler’s Hotel

  • A STAPLE OF ARGENTINA: A third-generation bakery named “Best Place For Empanadas” by the Food Network. The family crafts a delicate pillow of shredded chicken with spices folded into the family’s famous buttery, flaky dough with avocado and cilantro sauce.
    Charlotte’s Bakery

  • A TASTE OF OLD HAVANA: Enjoy the local ambiance, relaxing atmosphere in a beloved South Beach institution, while devouring several classic Cuban dishes.
    Larios On The Beach Restaurant

  • MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE: Savor a Mediterranean classic dish at the hands of chef Marco Zuccala.
    Serafina Restaurant

  • CAFE CUBANO: Perk up with a Miami staple, the cafe Cubano, brewed the traditional way at this ventanita for thirty-four years.
    David’s Cafe

  • A JEWISH INSPIRED TREAT: A delectable and dainty sweet from a historic delicatessen that is a must-visit for any foodie on the Beach.
    Jerry’s Famous Deli

  • AUTHENTIC ITALIAN: The finest Italian ingredients melt languidly in the mouth with award-winning gelato – rightfully winning title of “Best Gelato in Miami” by The Miami New Times.
    Milani Gelateria


*Stops and tastings are subject to change without notice.  All food served sum up to be such that a meal afterward for most people shall not be needed.