(Photo Credit – Maü Miami & The Louis Collection)
Let’s shell-ebrate the good times with National Lobster Day at Maü Miami! It’s a big day for lobster lovers at Midtown’s Modern Bohemian Mediterranean restaurant.

Get ready to indulge in lobster-ific dishes like no other place in Miami. Try their “Lobster Pasta,” certainly a fan favorite, prepared with spicy (mild) tomato sauce and fresh basil. Guests can also keep it light and savor in a classic “Lobster Bisque” or revel in their “Maine Lobster”, which could be ordered raw, grilled, steamed, or fried with Piquillo butter or Citrus Vinaigrette.

What better way to celebrate your favorite buttery-sweet seafood than by enjoying an evening at Maü and washing it all down with a glass or two of bubbling prosecco.