Picture provided by Heidi Malaret, TARA, Ink.

Lack of personality, poor ambiance and bad food are some of the factors that can take your date night from #winning to #losemynumber. Helping its patrons save the date with two elements is RUST Wynwood, which offers tasty date-approved dishes in its charming rustic atmosphere. The rest is up to the couple

After a stroll around Wynwood, settle in the dimly lit room and start with the Croquetas de Campo, Uruguayan sausage croquettes with arugula and alioli, or the Eggplant and Cheese Roll Up, thinly sliced, baked eggplant stuffed with fontina, provolone, mozzarella and goat cheese, topped with house-made tomato basil sauce, to share.

Stay refreshed with a pitcher of the Mojito Sangria, made with beer and wine, and order the Filet Mignon, wrapped with smoked bacon and topped with house made roasted tomatillo salsa and house made potato chips, or the Grilled Octopus served with piquillo peppers alioli, arugula, and provençal potatoes

Seal the meal with a sweet note by ordering the Panqueque de Dulce de Leche flambé with vanilla ice cream or the Mousse de Chocolate served with fresh berries and coffee garrapiñada cashews, and you might just get a kiss at the end of the night.