Almost everyone knows about Miami Beach as well as it’s well known South Beach. While many visit Miami Beach for the trendy vacation hot spots, it’s the little known family restaurants that truly deserve the spotlight.

Miami Beach’s very fabric consists of Latinos who have migrated to the tropical climate and have infused the area with their vibrant culture. The most common Hispanic culture in Miami Beach is Cuban, although there is a mingling of other Latin cultures such as Nicaraguans, Haitians, Hondurans, Dominicans, and Colombians.

A brave soul may venture now and then to try an “authentic” restaurant off Miami Beach’s tourist path and quickly get lost in the enchantment of Little Havana or off the beaten path restaurants in South Beach. In order to really experience all the flavors of Miami’s authentic restaurants, a restaurant tour of Miami Beach with a knowledgeable tour guide is essential to absorbing all the flavors of the city.

Restaurant tours in Miami incorporate a real sense of what a typical Miami neighborhood is like. Our walking tours of Miami restaurants will introduce you to South Beach or Little Havana with an experience that cannot be replicated without a tour guide.

So rather than weave in and out of the viejo’s’ domino’s games, trying to find that little restaurant that will make your vacation memorable, take a tour of Miami’s restaurants with an experienced tour guide.