Now that the highly anticipated restaurant Caviar Russe has officially opened at the Four Seasons in Brickell, the restaurant has already become one of the most talked about haute spots in Miami this year. The three-time Michelin star-winning restaurant brings its Madison Avenue taste to Brickell, serving as a delightful experience for caviar connoisseurs and first-timers just the same.

The restaurant offers over ten different caviars options and over twenty different selections of champagne. From the Italian leather custom-tailored seats, handmade caviar inspired glass bubbles hanging from the ceiling, and Calacatta marble tables, to the gold Bernardaud plates – the décor and esthetic of the restaurant gives patrons the sense of luxury and opulence. Not only can you dine there, but Caviar Russe also has a boutique right next door that offers next day shipping to anywhere in the United States.