There are a few restaurants I personally know in Coral Gables, this is a neighborhood which I do not frequent at all, but my friends who live in the area always tell me “you should be doing a culinary tour in Coral Gables”

This time I headed to Por Fin Restaurant with a picky friend to check it out during Miami Spice.

We arrived and the place was exactly what I expected, very Coral Gables-ish, clean, beautiful and people were welcoming. We were given a booth as we arrived early and we were able to pick our table (place was empty at that point). After my first drink I noticed families were dining which added to the Coral Gables family flair.

When I went back to check their menu for what we had that day, it seems the menu was only for Miami Spice. In my opinion, restaurants should be featuring a version of an item on their regular menu otherwise you really do not get a taste of what they are all about, well, I know you do a better menu or worse menu? Really, I don’t know but I would have liked to try something that could became my new favorite and now looking at their menu what we had is not listed, too bad.


As I don’t have the names of each of these dishes, I can tell you that the one that was the most memorable to me (we shared everything) was the pork chop. It was very well prepared. Now the fish and chips were not of my liking to be honest, it was overall too oily but the red sauce you see at the bottom was superb, made with roasted peppers, added a lot of flavor and I think it saved the dish. The salad, good, nothing oh my god that salad…, the bruschetta ok, nothing like I am going to kill someone over that bruschetta – and the desserts a bit funny. Look at the one with the chocolate brownie that looks like he is suffocating from the two types of chocolate creams on top, and then the crispy cookie and the three blocks of chocolate jelly something… funny just funny.

Por Fin

2500 Ponce De Leon Boulevard
Coral Gables, FL 33134-6013
(305) 441-0107

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