Another thing I do not find very exciting in Miami is the selection of pizza places, I think they are scarce when it comes to a good slice of pizza but Pizza Fiore is a good spot and everytime I crave pizza I crave Pizza Fiore.

pizza fiore

The photo doesn’t make much justice but this is a really good slice topped with a combination of sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese, mozzarella cheese and basil. I always ask for my pizza to be on the crispy well done side and this one had that perfect crust and it was crunchy at the bottom. I like coming here because I do not have to wait a year for it, things do pretty much quick and smooth here and everyone always has a smile which for me makes of a more tasty pizza. Also, I like my pizza served in paper plates, I think it is because I like food to be very hot and when it is served on a ceramic plate I think it changes the dynamics of the flavors, that’s just me.

Pizza Fiore

703 71st St

Miami Beach, FL 33141


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