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(Photo Credit: Pilo’s Tequila Garden)

Reminiscing about the tacos his late Aunt Pilo made in Mexico during his childhood, Pilo’s founder Derek Gonzalez set out to find the most authentic street tacos in Miami. Unsatisfied with what he came across, Gonzalez opened his first Pilo’s Street Tacos location in 2017, a quick-service restaurant concept centered around its authentic, bold flavors and inclusive environment.

Pilo’s menu consists of simple, delicious Mexican dishes that keep you craving more with each bite. Options on the menu are endless, with just about any protein you can think of, from meat and seafood to vegetarian tacos. Items like Birria Tacos, Carnal Tacos, El Pescadito Beer-battered Taco, El Costeñito Beer-battered Taco and so much more.

Chef Erick Lopez, the executive chef of Pilo’s, was inspired by his childhood while growing up in Colombia and the authentic Mexican street food. Combining the two was his way of blending two cultures in one all while always keeping Mexico his main inspiration.

More important than just providing great food and drinks, Pilo’s mission goes deeper. Gonzalez’s Aunt Pilo had Down syndrome, but never let it define her. A few short months after Gonzalez opened Pilo’s Street Tacos, Aunt Pilo sadly passed away. Her legacy lives on through Pilo’s employment of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities—known to the Pilo’s team as “special abilities.” Pilo’s brand helps these individuals achieve their dreams, increase their independence and provides them with meaningful companionship.

The Wynwood location is richly decorated, altar-style bar lined with bespoke sculptures and paintings created by local and international artists like Domingo Zapata, Vic Garcia and Mariela Nunez. The works are available for purchase, and a portion of the sales will benefit the Miami branch of Gigi’s Playhouse, which provides free therapeutic and educational resources and support for people with Down Syndrome and their families.