Photo Credit by Andiamo

Panini’s grilled and pressed to perfection at Andiamo will surely not disappoint guests planning to celebrate National Panini Day on Friday, August 11.

A hearty meal on an Italian hoagie roll, Frankie’s Meatball Parm Sandwich serves up Andiamo’s award-winning homemade meatballs with sauce, provolone cheese and oregano.

Those seeking a lighter meal can celebrate with the Caprese Panini, made with fresh mozzarella, roma tomatoes, fresh basil and kalamata olives.

For a Mediterranean experience, order the Italiano Panini with Italian cold cuts, provolone, red onions, pesto, roasted and hot cherry peppers.


5600 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137

(305) 762-5751