Onion Soup

I think Panera bread has the best onion soup in town. Yes, I agree that served in a paper cup is not the most glamourous thing in the culinary world but if you would put this soup on a beautiful ceramic bowl and serve it at any of the most expensive restaurants in Miami, you probably would go wow. I am glad Panera hit one thing the right way because everything else is quite mediocre in taste. Oh, no, there is another item on their “half and half” menu that is worth trying as well, and that is their Asiago roast beef sandwich.

Asiago roast beef sandwich

Believe me, this is a good sandwich. I tend to hate Panera’s regular bread as it is not soft, quite hard to chew actually but the only one I think it is worth trying is their Asiago bread. I have to confess that when I first moved to South Florida, I was obsessed with Panera Bread and their Asiago bread, but I am not sure if their food change or I got more sophisticated and picky on what I eat but it does not taste the same. This sandwich is good, hearty, and will do the job. I only go to Panera Bread if I am hungry and I want something quick, otherwise I avoid it as to me it is not a “yeah, let’s go to Panera” it is more like “OK, I am hungry, who can shoot something out decent and fast”

Panera Bread

12205 Biscayne Blvd

North Miami, FL 33181


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