One visit to Casablanca Seafood Market and you will be forever inspired (that is if you like seafood). This time I went to get shrimp – they have about 7 types of shrimp by the way – and decided to toss them around with some extra virgin olive oil, chopped garlic, sea salt and fresh ground pepper- just that.

If you wonder about the clay pan I used (shown in the photo), it is a clay pan called “cazuela” and is typical from Spain, in fact they are manufactured in Spain. They are traditional Spanish terra cotta dishes and cookware that can go from stove top to microwave to oven to table. I remember my family used to cook on these type of pans and when I saw them on Sedano’s Supermarket at the Calle 8, I grabbed about 5 in different sizes. The flavor of the food is so much better when cooked in a cazuelita.

shrimp from casablanca fish market

garlic shrimp

Casablanca Seafood Market

404 North River Drive
Miami, Florida 33128
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