Located in the heart of Brickell, Nikko restaurant is serving some tasty Asian modern cuisine in a family-like environment. So I told my friend Christine if she wanted to join me for dinner as she is on the way to Nikko it was an easy process, just pick her up and go. We arrive to the area and the restaurant is located in what I though it was the lobby of a hotel, I was wrong. We had an easy parking situation as I was planning to valet park but we found plenty of parking on the streets. I like that.

We enter a small restaurants and felt welcome right away. It was early in the evening and as the dinner took it’s course, the place little by little got full. The menu has enough options but not overwhelming which is what I find the smartest thing to do for a restaurant. If you want to do good food, a large menu tells foodies that you are trying to do too much and how good could you be in one thing. Nikko delivered in many ways.


Duck One Way $19

We had several dishes but the most memorable one was “duck one way.” The duck which is a protein that I love and not too many restaurants carry it was superbly cooked. The skin was crispy outside and juicy inside. Probably the best roasted duck I have ever tried. It was such moist inside and the dark sections of meat were so succulent that Christine and I fought for the last pieces. The sauce was a sweet (but not too sweet) sauce that did not take out of the dish or better to say, the sauce did not take central space, the duck did. The presentation was beautiful as well, you can tell that the chef in the kitchen cares for what he is putting out. Now the service, oh the service… I think I haven’t had that type of service (excellent!) in a long time in Miami. The lady who took care of us was very professional and learned our names! She referred to us by name the entire evening (you gotta love that).

Nikko By Sunshine

186 SE 12th Ter

Unit CU-2

Miami, FL 33131

(305) 418-0151