I arrived at Nikki Beach tired and hot as I was walking from Lincoln rd. I felt good walking almost 20 blocks to Nikki Beach because of the needed exercise. In fact, I am not the type that goes to the gym like my husband does, but walking keeps me sane. I arrived and I have to say this place is lovely. If I were a tourist and coming to this restaurant, I will be endlessly enamored with the outside sitting. Of course as a local I am hot and I want to sit inside, the blue sky and white sandy beaches are not the attraction for me – the food and wine certainly is.

I walked in and said to the hostess “one, inside please” and here I am…taking it all in. What a fabulous job they did when it comes to the decor of this place. I feel I am in heaven inside or in a remote area in Brazil. Well, I say this because when I was “younger” I dated a chef that was working at a remote beach in the south of Brazil and Nikki Beach reminds me of that place… Ok, I am getting off the subject right now.

Back to the food and wine. The waiter comes and I notice everyone here wears dark sunglasses, no, really, it seems it is mandatory, all the stuff wears big, dark sunglasses. I like that.

The menu choices are plentiful, from hot starters to cold, raw bar, sushi, paninis, salads, pizza and your everyday Italian. I am not sure the identity of this place, I guess this will qualify as International, and I get it, this place is trying to please a wide range of patrons who, well, who knows what mood are they in after too many cocktails. Nikki beach is a place for cocktails, in my opinion, you come here to take it all in… beach wise.

penne pomodoro at Nikki Beach

I ordered the Penne Pomodoro Basilico which their me description is sauteed vine-ripe tomatoes, shaved garlic and fresh basil and Parmesan cheese. I have to say, this dish was very pleasing to my surprise. Why to my surprise? Because we are at a place that I would think they don’t know anything about preparing good everyday Italian, but they surprised me, in a good way.

Nikki Beach

1 Ocean Dr

Miami Beach, FL 33139



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