The World’s Leading Non-Japanese Sake Expert Hosts Pairing Dinner

On Monday, May 19, Makoto will offer a five-course sake dinner featuring four Japanese brewers and world renowned sake master, John Gauntner. Gauntner is the only non-Japanese certified Master of Sake Tasting in the world and has also achieved the very difficult Sake Expert Assessor certification from Japan’s National Research Institute of Brewing. Guests will start the culinary experience with Fire and Ice Oysters paired with Takatenjin ‘Soul of the Sensei’ Daiginjo. The second course will be Hamachi Pastrami Airbread paired with Kanbara ‘Bride of the Fox’ Junmai Ginjo, followed by a third course of Duck Tskemen Noodles paired with Rihau ‘Wandering Poet’ Junmai Ginjo. The final savory course will be Robata Grilled Kobe paired with Yuho ‘Eternal Embers’ Junmai. Then, guests can indulge their sweet tooth with seasonal desserts paired with Rihaku ‘Dreamy Clouds’ Tokubetsu Junmai Nigori. Seating is very limited. To reserve your spot, call (305) 864-8600.


Rihaku boasts the highest average rice milling rate out of all sake breweries, which is one example of their commitment to premium sake. Rihaku is named after a famous Chinese Poet, Li Po, who was known to drink copious amounts of sake before writing beautiful poetry.


This brewery takes great care in energy use and is completely solar powered. The sakes of TakaTenjin are clean, dry, and rich, and considered to be some of Japan’s most highly regarded sake.


One of the few breweries run by a female president. Yuho means “Happy Rice,” referring to the relationships cultivated between the brewery and top farmers in the region practicing the most environmentally friendly methods of farming.


Owned by a husband and wife who both descend from sake brewing families. Niigata prefecture is one of very few breweries to have an AOC certification requiring the use of local water and ingredients. Kanbara is one of the first breweries to achieve multiple certifications from this AOC.

Monday, May 19th

6:30, 7:00, and 7:30 seatings (limited to 20 people at each seating)


9700 Collins Ave

Bal Harbour, FL 33154