Kuba Cabana

(Photo Credit: Kuba Cabana)

From South America to Spain, empanadas are a traditional part of Latin American and Caribbean culture. And with Miami being coined as the “Capitol of Latin America,” empanadas have become essential to the Magic City’s culinary scene.

Though each country’s version is slightly different, these golden-brown, stuffed pastries come in a wide variety of savory and sweet flavors. Whether you call them empanadas, empanadillas, pastelitos or pastelillos, what could be better than a day to celebrate this perfect pastry than National Empanada Day on April 8?!

Kuba Cabana, a lively restaurant which stems from the beautiful traditions of Latin and Caribbean music, cuisine and culture offers a selection of empanadas that are hand-crafted, in house. Located in CityPlace Doral, the energetic venue, which serves a modern Latin-inspired menu, can best be described as an atmosphere where “Old World Cuba Meets Modern Miami.”

Kuba Cabana’s empanadas are a delicious way to celebrate Empanada Day!

Offerings include:

Beef empanada served with herb mayo – $10
Chicken empanada served with red pepper aioli – $10

In addition to empanadas, the menu offers international Latin flare favorites such as the Pollo Barbacoa, Chuleta Ahumada and Kuviche – Kuba Cabana’s classic ceviche with a Cuban twist, and more!