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Spend the last few days of summer with the COOLEST treat for this Labor Day weekend! With fun colors and flavors, paleta lovers can get The Best Ice Cream Experience at any of its locations across South Florida! These paletas ($5.60) are burst with different colors, featuring an entire fruit or cookie inside of them making them mouth-watering and unique from a standard popsicle! For a fun little twist, they offer over a million different combinations by adding dippings ($1) and toppings ($1) to enhance the ice cream experience and taking the flavors to the next level. With its special toppings like Waffle, S’mores & Nutella, guests can now add a tasty twist to their paletas. Guests can also place their orders online, via their website or on delivery apps such as Postmates and UberEats. Get The Best Ice Cream Experience with Paletas Morelia this weekend for Labor Day!