Mmmm Wynwood restaurant is the first stop on the Wynwood Food Tour in Miami’s Art District. This tour begins at the Wynwood Walls and covers the history, culture, and art of the community as well as its unique food. After enjoying the artistic elements and learning about the artists of the murals at the Wynwood Walls, the tour crosses the street to Mmmm Wynwood for a taste of this establishment’s delectable French cuisine. Their covered patio provides the much needed shade from Miami’s sunny afternoon while allowing a gentle breeze to envelop the comfortable and inviting outdoor furniture. This is a beautiful place for brunch or lunch.

In this video, I am trying one of their famous tartines, which is a gourmet, open-faced sandwich served atop a thick slice of a “Poilane” sourdough bread loaf. The presentation of this chicken breast tartine is flawless and enticing. I am loving the garnishes. The drizzle of caper mayo over the micro greens and oven-dried tomatoes compliment the fresh and tender chicken breast perfectly. The artisan bread is delightfully crunchy but not dry at all, which is a pleasant surprise. What a wonderful start to what promises to be a lovely afternoon filled with art, culture, history, and, of course, food!