Milani Gelateria is one of those places in which you feel so welcome. The gelato is a masterpiece (no, seriously you have to just walk into that place. period), and try the Baccio. – you’ll thank me.

I met the owner Francesco, and of course me, I asked a million questions, they patiently answered every single one of them and with a smile – now that’s refreshing sometimes in South Beach. I followed up my research on the difference between ice cream and gelato – if you want to know the details, you’ll have to come to the South Beach Food Tour =) or wikipedia (now that’s a hint).

But trying this gelato is a wow moment I hear over and over. I shot this video the first time I met Francesco, and you’ll see how entertaining he is – and most of all, you’ll feel when people take pride of the foods they make, they just taste different – and so Milani Gelateria is definitely the place to get the best & authentic gelato – yep, that one that you’ll have to fly 12 hours to get to… but this one is just on our backyard.

I very much like this quote from their facebook page, and here, I’ll share it with you:

“Gelateria Milani is one of the best artisanal ice-cream makers in the US. Although smaller, it already competes with NYC-based Grom, in Broadway. No surprise that both owners comes from Italy … Highly recommended to every food-lover in Miami beach!”

– Alberto Alemanno (Yep, Alberto is Italian)

Milani Gelateria

436 Espanola Way; South Beach