midtown oyster bar

Yes, it is not open yet as of May 31 2114 but the sign for Midtown Oyster Bar has been up for the last 3 months and because on the sign it says “By the people of Salumeria 104” I am eager to see this place open. I am sure it will be a good restaurant as the people from Salumeria who also own a lot of restaurants in the city like Sushi Samba know how to make a restaurant successful. The location is pretty good right across the street from Bocce who lately has been packed. Actually I gave Bocce another chance this week and ordered their pasta bolognese and it was pretty good but oh boy the portion was so small.

Back to Midtown Oyster Bar, I will probably be one of the first ones to try this restaurant as it is right downstairs from where I live. I will be reporting the truth.


Grace Della