Live & Interactive Online Experiences

We can conduct all virtual experiences any day of the week at the time that works best for your group. We can host a minimum of 2 and up to 1000 guests. For our most popular classes, you can instantly book them below and for the other ones please request them by email at or call (786) 942-8856. We can use our corporate Zoom account or your desired platform.

miami online experiences

Miami-Cuban Cocktails For Private Groups

Learn how to prepare a traditional Cuba Libre and a Mojito Criollo!

From the comfort of your home, join us for an epicurean adventure while we sip on refreshing cocktails and learn the culinary, cultural and historical background of each of the ingredients. First, we will make a Cuba Libre. While we sip on our Cuba Libre together, we will get to know one another, and then move onto the mojito, and we will show you step by step how to prepare the perfect one. 

Despite having few ingredients and sunny, tropical-Miami vibes, mojitos require a sequence of precise steps. In a drink with so few components, if you do the steps wrong, you’ll taste every off-flavor. We won’t let you down, no teeth crunching on sugar crystals or over-muddling your mint.  

Even in an era when articles, reviews, videos and blogs are everywhere, people still crave to connect with live storytellers who can lead you on a journey despite our separation.

Ingredients: white rum, white sugar, fresh mint, 2 limes, 2 large cups of ice cubes, 1 cup of club soda (or sparkling water), 1 can/cup of Coca Cola. Utensils: tablespoon, 2 tall glasses ( 12 ounces ). Nice to have ( otherwise we will guide you ): Handheld lemon squeezer, muddler or rolling pin, measuring cup.

Price: $16 per person. Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of guests. Availability: Seven days a week


everglades national park tour

Virtual Tour Of The Everglades National Park With A Naturalist.

From the comfort of your home join biologists and naturalist, Paul, as he takes you virtually to explore the largest subtropical ecosystem in the United States, The Everglades National Park, a 1.5 million-acre wilderness. He aims to protect natural resources in South Florida and its ecosystem. He is an active contributor to the I-Naturalist community and helps scientists find and use data. He dedicates part of his time photographing and documenting the Everglades’ fauna and flora which he holds dear to his heart and has been studying its natural habitat for the last 35 years.

You’ll get to learn about the park and its expansive beauty as well as its varied wildlife population from alligators to great white herons. He will share facts about the area’s history and ecology and the region’s unique ecosystems. Escape everyday life and embark on a virtual journey to the wilderness of the Florida Everglades and admire this grassy, slow-moving river that is home to hundreds of rare and beautiful animal species.

Lastly, he will end the session with a Q&A and answer all of your burning questions such as when is a good time to visit the park, what are the sections that you must visit, and the protocols to respect the wildlife that you may encounter when visiting in person. This is an educational and informative experience for nature lovers and families alike!

Price: $16 per person. Duration: 1 hour. Availability: Seven days a week

JewishCuban Cooking with Award-Winning Cookbook Author Robyn Webb.

Miami is known and admired for its multicultural community. So many lineages are represented in the Magic City, and two of them have contributed much to shape the history and present-day life in this beloved city.

Jewish and Cuban cultures have generously bestowed Miami with their art, architecture, dance, music and of course, incredible food. Each heritage has furnished these separately, but the Jewish and Cuban cultures also are entangled with each other. They share many of the same values, and one laid the groundwork for the other culture to shape Miami as it is today.

In this highly enjoyable, completely hands-on cooking class, award-winning cookbook author ( 17 cookbooks to her name! ), and former cooking school owner, now a top guide for Miami Culinary Tours, will meld the Jewish and Cuban cultures into one exciting culinary extravaganza! We call it Juban Cooking!

In this class you will be preparing THE best potato pancakes, latkes as they are commonly referred to, but with a Cuban twist. Even if you have prepared latkes before, you will now be privy to the insider secrets on how to make them truly spectacular.  And instead of the traditional Jewish accompaniments to the pancakes, Robyn will expertly show you how a luscious Cuban mojo sauce makes these latkes shine.

In your time with Robyn you will learn:

✔ The history of the Jewish and Cuban communities in Miami and the many ways that they are similar.
✔ Step by step insider secrets to creating the very best potato pancakes you have ever made.
✔ A thorough exploration and discussion about Cuban ingredients and how to use them in everyday dishes
✔ Professional tips on how to shop and source ingredients
✔ To have a really fun time creating an essential dish to wow your friends and family
✔ Your questions!

Price: $25 per person. Duration: 1.5 hours. Availability: Seven days a week

*A list of the few ingredients needed for the class will be sent to you once booked. 


miami virtual tours

Visit Miami Virtually With A Local Expert Guide.

Take a virtual stroll through South Beach, Wynwood, The Design District and Little Havana! 

With an unrivaled combination of year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, palm trees and exciting things to see, do and a diverse cultural gastronomical scene, join us as we take you on a Zoom panoramic tour – We’ll cover the “must-see places” that will let you say you really saw Miami like a local. We’ll walk virtually on Ocean Drive and stop to see the Versace mansion inside and the famous Congress Hotel for a quick overview of art deco history and architecture. We will then travel to the streets of Wynwood and show you breathtaking graffiti art murals.

We will visit The Design District to admire street art installations while you learn the history of the area and we will end visiting Little Havana for a closer look of a cigar factory, Domino Park, The Cuban Memorial Blvd, and enjoy the sites and sounds.

✔ Where to have the best authentic Cuban food.
✔ Dining for all budgets and tastes and avoiding tourist traps.
✔ The five most instagrammable places in Miami.
✔ What are the best neighborhoods to stay in Miami based on your budget?
✔ The coolest breweries making Floridian creations.
✔ Your questions!

Price: $15 per person. Duration: 1 hour. Availability: Seven days a week

Salsa Origins, History & Basic Steps With Lana La Cubana.

Miami is famous for its sandy beaches, delicious Cuban food, and…’s sizzling Salsa dancing!

In this exciting, fully interactive experience from the comfort of your own home, well-known salsa instructor, Lana la Cubana will get your heart pumping and your soul singing as you learn the essential basics of Miami’s favorite exercise!

Lana has been teaching all around the greater Miami area for many years and is known for getting even the most rhythmically challenged student to move with confidence. While you can participate in this class with your favorite partner, you can enjoy this class completely solo; just bring your enthusiasm! First, we will all get to know each other over a homemade cocktail, a glass of wine, or other cool beverages. Then you will put your dancing shoes on and learn:

✔ The fascinating history of salsa- the stories will set the stage for you to learn the steps.
✔ Three styles salsa dancing- Cuban, New York and Los Angeles.
✔ What are on1 and on2 timings and how these timings help you to feel the music?
✔ Shakira-like hip movements that will have you dancing Miami-style in no time.
✔ Your questions!

Price: $25 per person. Duration: 1 hour. Availability: Seven days a week

Make Cafe Cubano & Turn It Into An Island-Inspired Cocktail.

In this interactive virtual live experience, you’ll learn how to prepare the perfect cafe Cubano and then make a delicious cocktail!

We’ll begin by making an authentic cafe Cubano. A Cuban coffee, aka cafecito by locals, is Miami’s way to show love in a tiny cup. We are going to share with you the perfect blend of art and science. We will show you step by step how the magic of creating the perfect “espumita” ( dairy-free cream ) is achieved which is the crucial component for a perfect cafecito. We’ll cover fascinating details, origins and methods and we’ll ensure you gain the tricks to prepare cafe Cubano like a pro.

Using the cafecito you just made, we will expand your creative skills with a dramatic “I can’t believe I made this myself” kind of cocktail, but let’s be honest, sometimes all you want from a long day is to put together something quick, easy, and delicious so you don’t run late to your next virtual happy hour. 

We’ll make it simple, you won’t need specialty mixologist-approved ingredients or fancy techniques. In fact, with just three or four pantry ingredients, we’ll show you a simple but irresistible cocktail that will transport you to the tropics.

*Ingredients and utensils needed will be sent to you with the confirmation email.

Price: $20 per person. Duration: 1 hour. Availability: Seven days a week

Cuban cigar online experience

Cigar Etiquette & The Art Of Cigar Rolling With Mirka.

Live from Mister Bello’s Cigar Factory in Miami’s Little Havana!

More information coming soon!