miami culinary tours

Miami Culinary Tours (MCT) is the pioneer when it comes to food tours in the Miami area. They focus on not only educating you on the food scene in Miami, but also informing you on the history the city has gone through and the different influences coming from various cultures that have shaped Miami into what it is today.

Different tours focusing on diverse regions of the city are offered, so you can experience Miami as a tourist or as a local. Take the Little Havana Tour to learn about Cuban culture and taste the afro-caribbean inspired cuisine that is blended with european traditions to make some of the most complex and delectable food you can find. Throughout the tour, you will learn about Cuban political figures and see aspects of the heritage of this nationality, leaving you with an idea of why these people are so proud to be where they are from.

The South Beach Food Tour takes your talents to South Beach, where you learn about what Art Deco and Art Deco inspired architecture is. By learning to identify these sort of hotels and buildings, this tour will fill you with knowledge along with the delicious food the area has to offer. Samples include stops at Latin restaurants offering food and drinks from countries like Colombia and Cuba.

The up-and-coming neighborhood in Miami is Wynwood, and MCT offers a tour dedicated to showing you the eclectic food and atmosphere found in the place once called “El Barrio.” Witness one of the biggest outdoor art galleries in the world as you learn to differentiate between street art and vandalism. You will also get to taste fusion Latin food, authentic BBQ, and updated takes on Puerto Rican cuisine.

Where to find it: Miami Culinary Tours. 1000 5 St Suite 200, Miami, FL 33139. 7869428856