Ordering a refreshing cocktail at a Mexican restaurant doesn’t have to revolve around tequila. In fact, many places are providing patrons with plenty of options sans the Mexican spirit, including Mercadito Midtown. For those who may not enjoy the taste of tequila, this Miami hotspot offers diners plenty of other spirited options. Though it is made in Mexico like tequila, the increasingly popular mezcal offers cocktail connoisseurs a unique smoky flavoring in their drink. Mercadito Midtown offers two cocktails using mezcal – Los Hermanos; mezcal, passion fruit, mint, agave nectar, yucateca and Tres Coops; mezcal, elderflower & ginger liqueur, amaro, lime, egg white. For those who prefer beer to hard liquor, another popular tequila-free drink on the menu is Michelada; cerveza of choice, lime, salsa inglesa, secrets. A wide variety of wine and beer options are available as well.