At Bread + Butter, chef Albert Cabrera takes the concept of a Media Noche and combines it with another Cuban staple, the croqueta, to create a modern take on two similarly simple and typical foods. Most people know what a Cuban sandwich is by now. For the uninformed, a Cuban sandwich is composed of generous amounts of ham, roasted pork, swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on Cuban bread. There is a slight variation of this sandwich called the Media Noche (Midnight) which is made with the same ingredients except that the bread is replaced with a sweeter egg bread.

Croquetas are similar to fritters, yielding a contrast between a crisp exterior and creamy interior. Bread + Butter plays with these textures and flavor profiles of the Media Noche to provide a dish that will at first have you scratching your head, but quickly make you reach for more. Instead of your typical ham croqueta, Albert Cabrera somehow infuses the flavors of cheese and pickles to create an exact replica of the namesake sandwich. You can definitely taste the pickles, cutting back from the richness of the pork and the cheese.  The croquetas ($8) are served with a mustard aioli and soda crackers to round out the Media Noche experience. Although the soda crackers may seem out of place, you’re supposed to place your croqueta in between two of them and make a mini sandwich. Thank us later.

Where to try them in Miami: Bread + Butter. 2330 Salzedo St, Miami, FL 33134. (305) 442-9622