One of our favorite eats in the city is Azucar’s Ice Cream Company’s Mamey Ice Cream ($3.50 per scoop). Mamey is a tropical fruit mainly in South America, Cuba, the Bahamas, and Florida. It has a moderately sweet, yet fragrant and earthy flavor, similar to a mix of sweet potato and papaya. Since the fruit is mostly native and has been of easy reach to the Cubans even when they were back home, many in Miami have grown to prefer it. This is evidenced by the accessibility we have in the city when it comes to milkshakes, juices, and even ice cream. Yes, we said ice cream.

Azucar was founded in 2011 as Florida’s unique blending of culture, climate, and fruit inspired it. Everything is of high quality and made from natural ingredients, using locally grown produce whenever possible, making for a superior product. The Mamey ice cream is a perfect embodiment of what Azucar is set out to represent, as it makes for an ultra-creamy and flavorful ice cream that represents the sabor latino (Latin flavor) that the area has become known for. Walking in, you get a sense of Little Havana, with salsa music blasting in the background, Spanish being spoken everywhere, and people drinking coffee shots in the middle of day. Sit back and enjoy the scenery as you enjoy Cuban culture in the form of ice cream. Enjoy your ice cream with some cafecito for a real Cuban experience.

Where to try them in Miami: Azucar Ice Cream Company. 1503 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33155. (305) 381-0369