Hello, my name is Lisa. I was born and raised in Florida. Many of my childhood memories are of the meals my mother prepared and how I assisted her in the kitchen. I also have many fond memories of the treats ( Rugelach, Mandel Bread, Blintzes and Marble Pound Cake) my Nana Mollie would bake for us during her visits. She would bake for days at a time and freeze her treats so we could enjoy them in between her visits. I moved to NYC after high school and it was there that my passion for food and my culinary palette further developed. I found myself duplicating most anything I’d love at a restaurant the very next day in my tiny NYC apartment. I began training in a restaurant kitchen and in a very short time became a line cook and quickly moved up in the ranks to master all the stations of the kitchen. The most notable Chef I cooked alongside of is Bobby Flay at his then Spanish gem, Bolo on East 22nd Street. I’ve held most every position possible at many acclaimed  restaurants and find that it makes perfect sense that I’m now a Culinary Tour Guide.

It is my pleasure to guide you through my town and share the culinary gifts that await you; some in the most unexpected of places. I’d like to bring a smile to your face and  a warmth in your heart, while creating new culinary memories with you. My goal for you is to feel like a local, even if only for a day.