In 1997, two Mexico City entrepreneurs decided to create the best tequila in the world—an evolved tequila that embraced the design and innovation of modern-day Mexico but was crafted with painstaking, old-world methods that had been abandoned by the larger tequila companies. The end result was Milagro, a tequila with superior smoothness, complex character, and a signature agave-freshness that justified the vision of its founders by quickly becoming the most awarded tequila in its class.

Milagro starts with premium ingredients, like the finest, hand-selected 100% blue agave, estate-grown in the Jalisco highlands and harvested at the peak of ripeness. Then, it combines the best of tradition and innovation by slow-roasting the agave in clay ovens to maintain its natural freshness and triple distilling the liquid to perfect its award-winning taste.

Below you’ll find a few of its most popular concoctions, many of which are offered at a variety of Miami’s top watering holes.

World’s Freshest Margarita

  • 2 parts Milagro Silver Tequila
  • ¾ part Milagro Agave Nectar
  • 1 part fresh lime juice
  • Shake well. Strain over fresh ice in a rocks

Carpe Dia Blackberry Smash Cocktail

2 parts Milagro Añejo Tequila

¾ part Milagro Agave Nectar

1 part fresh lime juice

5 Blackberries

2 Sage leaves

3 dashes barrel-aged bitters

Muddle fruit and herbs, add all other ingredients.

Shake with ice and strain into rocks glass with ice. Garnish with taragon mint sprig.